K3 Syspro ERP helps manufacturers negotiate the stepping stones to growth

K3 Syspro present the case for digital resilience and the fallout of Brexit…

At K3 Syspro, we talk to a lot of manufacturers and understand the growing pains that come with scaling up from a small to a medium-sized enterprise. That transition is all the more challenging in the current climate as business braces itself for the fallout of Brexit. Building digital resilience has never been more important and will play a critical role in any SME’s growth story. Our suite of ERP solutions and commitment to first-rate customer service are equipping customers with the tools to embark on the next stage of their journey.

Growing pains

The transition from a £5m to £10m turnover business is notoriously the hardest one to negotiate. According to the latest ONS figures, the UK five-year survival rate for businesses born in 2012 stands at just 43.2%.

The operation needs to be agile and without the right systems and processes in place, many businesses hit the buffers. Growth is the ultimate test of resource management and digitisation is critical in building capacity, driving efficiencies and improving productivity.

The productivity growth of British workers slumped to a two-year low in the third quarter of 2018 and, on average, UK employees produce 30% less per hour than those in France, Germany and the US. Without embracing digitisation, our businesses will always be playing catch-up. The government’s Made Smarter Review stated that adopting digital technology could increase productivity by more than 25% by 2025 and ERP has a pivotal role to play.

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With no foreseeable resolution on the horizon, the Brexit impasse is having a significant impact on manufacturers. The longer the delay, the longer businesses are holding back on investment in technology to boost productivity.

Our message to manufacturers is to see the delay as an opportunity to build their digital resilience. Implementing ERP solutions will make them more competitive in post-Brexit Britain and provide them with the operational insight required to move onto their next stage of growth.

Embracing digitisation

How can a manufacturer scale up if it doesn’t have full visibility of its operations? Too many of the businesses we meet are hampered by outdated systems and a lack of integration can often put the brakes on business growth.

A centralised ERP system breaks down barriers, allowing decision-makers to access, analyse and act upon key business data. Only then can they identify their pain points, decide how best to build on their strengths and ensure the business is in the best possible shape to enter the next stage of growth.

Powering up

Through working hand in hand with our customers, delivering a new ERP system can be achieved within months. The pace of that implementation is set by each customer we work with based on their individual business needs and requirements.

Our customers benefit from full visibility into every aspect of their operation and the transparency provided by a centralised ERP system allows manufacturers to identify areas for improvement before cranking up production.

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That intelligence and foresight allow businesses to improve their customer offer. As the business grows and orders increase, it is important staff have access to real-time data to minimise lead times and keep customers informed.

Similarly, with more materials entering the operation, keeping track of what is where can prove a major challenge. With SYSPRO, users can guarantee traceability of products, alterations and transactions.

Suddenly, users can reap the benefits of knowledge-sharing and joined-up working, ensuring that as the business moves forward, everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

Business leaders can pinpoint areas where they can drive greater efficiency and tangible gains in productivity. The leadership team can focus on streamlining operations and freeing up staff to get on with higher value work. Faster processing capability means tasks are completed at greater speed and so manufacturers can grow without creaking at the seams and compromising the customer experience.

This all feeds in to supporting profits and financial gain, offering the extra resources necessary to make further investment in people, plant and processes.

Opt for the optimal

At K3 Syspro, we have over 40 years’ experience implementing ERP and alongside SYSPRO have built a suite of solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers. We work in partnership with our customers to gear up for growth, taking our time to get to know their business and providing a bespoke package of services to help fulfil their potential, including exploring and tackling the reasons ERP implementations fail.

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