5 Reasons You Need An ERP
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At Cedar Bay we have helped so many of our customers, from a variety of industries, implement and optimise their ERP solutions. We have partnered with these businesses to help them utilise ERP to further improve their operations and achieve their business objectives.

What is ERP software? Simply put, an ERP platform provides businesses with the functionality to manage and integrate various operational activities in a business. It allows you to successfully manage all company data, from employee information, through to finances and inventory. Whilst sometimes businesses resist implanting an ERP system, often put down to cost and time constraints, those businesses at the forefront of their industries are recognising the opportunities that an ERP brings.

If you’re still unsure as to whether a new ERP system is the right move for your business, here are just some of reasons why you should consider the next step.

Optimising Efficiencies

Automation is key to optimising efficiencies throughout your business. An ERP has the power to simplify many business processes that can be time consuming for your teams. Whether you’re still using countless Excel spreadsheets, or word documents to monitor reporting, you’re likely spending far more time than necessary dealing with admin. Not only do you reduce the need for repetitive tasks with and ERP solution, but you reduce the risk of human error. This means less duplication, better scheduling of resources and reduced down-time.

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Accurate Forecasting

To remain competitive in the market place and to continually grow you need systems that fully integrate with one another, to help provide accurate forecasting. You need access to real-time, complete and consistent reports, all of which can be facilitated by a comprehensive ERP system. With an ERP system you are armed with the reporting and forecasting tools you need to gain a clear understanding of the wider business picture, whilst also being able to drill down into individual departments and teams. All of this enables stakeholders to make the best decisions for your business.

Deliver the Perfect Service

When operating with an ERP system you gain access to deeper, accurate customer information. With these customer insights you are able to provide a more targeted and personalised service. Coupled with faster fulfilment and improved order accuracy, you have the ability to give your customers the service they deserve.

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Increase collaboration

With one integrated system running across your entire business, you begin to breakdown the barriers between departments and teams within your company. With one centralised platform, each team has insight into other departmental information, helping everyone collaborate and learn from one another seamlessly.  

Reduced Costs

An ERP system can help you improve your resource utilisation, helping to naturally lower your daily costs. With most operational activities automated, you reduce the impact of interruptions, delays and breakdowns. This also allows for complex tasks to be completed in a shorter time frame. Furthermore, by gaining a deeper understanding into your inventory levels, you can ensure that you are optimising your stock levels and limit the impacts of waste stock.

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