Qwikfast to speed up productivity by over 80% with Advanced Exchequer solutions

Functionally-rich-system-for-Tileflair-300x225Qwikfast Trade & DIY supplies (Qwikfast) is to boost productivity by over 80% by implementing a financial management solution with an integrated mobile app (eXchequer 365) and document management technology from Advanced Exchequer (Advanced). The planned go-live is December 2015.

The solutions will enable the company to better manage its stock and reporting on over 200,000 product items and increase sales by providing instant access to critical business data. Processing sales orders will also be significantly streamlined through automating manual procedures.

Based in Dorchester, Qwikfast is a UK based distributor to several industries including the building, construction and engineering trades. The company’s existing finance software is outdated and unable to provide access to current stock and customer sales trends in a timely manner which is impacting efficiency levels.

Glenn Taylor, Business Director at Qwikfast Trade and DIY Supplies, explains: “We selected Advanced because they were recommended to us by one of our customers. Their modern solutions work across desktop and mobile devices which will transform the day-to-day running of the business and dramatically improve productivity and financial reporting.”

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Qwikfast receives approximately 1,000 weekly sales orders direct and via its online eCommerce store which take several hours to input manually. Moving forward these orders will be downloaded and automatically imported into the Exchequer finance system where they can be processed within minutes. The system will also more accurately forecast stock requirements to promptly meet customer expectations, replacing complicated and unreliable spreadsheets.

The integrated eXchequer 365 mobile app will enable the sales team to maximise profitability when visiting customers. The app can quickly produce quotations and process orders in addition to checking the availability of stock and replenishing items remotely to rapidly fulfil demand. Staff can also check a customer’s account balance and highlight any overdue invoices to assist with cash flow.

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Finally, the document management technology will allow proof of delivery notes (PODs) and related documents to be scanned, attached to the relevant record in the finance solution and electronically stored. This will eliminate a lengthy procedure to retrieve a paper POD by hand.

Mr Taylor comments: “Exchequer will reduce the time it takes to process web based orders from four hours to just 30 minutes each day, increasing productivity by over 80%. Having electronic access to PODs will save a further two hours a week and help us to resolve customer queries much faster.

“eXchequer 365 also gives us enormous potential for growth. For the first time we’ll have immediate access to accurate stock and sales information at our fingertips. This will improve customer satisfaction levels and ensure we focus on the areas of the business that are most profitable.”

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