Dockerill Group select EasyBuild to meet changing needs

Cambridgeshire based civil engineering and groundworks contractor: Dockerill Group have decided to implement EasyBuild after a review of the market. In doing so they will be replacing their existing financial accounting system and spread sheets for project accounting.

Dockerill Group identified the need to change for the following reasons:

A need to be able to do detailed job costing.
To improve their CVR process and for all functions relating to projects to be integrated to give them better analysis on cost and value and whether their projects are making or losing money.
A need for better management and tracking of retentions owed to the business.
To replace existing payroll functionality which they found to be not fit for purpose.
A desire to bring estimates over to do actual analysis v budgeted figures and to bring over a estimated bill of materials to be able to purchase items from.
To improve their procurement process by matching delivery notes to invoices.

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They decided that EasyBuild was the best solution for their business as the system met all of the aforementioned requirements, as noted by their Director, Lloyd Dockerill:

“We felt that EasyBuild out of all of the solutions we looked at was the easiest system to use and therefore it will be quick to pick up how to use it. The staff at EasyBuild were knowledgeable and reliable and instilled confidence in me we were making the right choice.

“We liked the fact the system is construction specific and is totally integrated from project accounting through to financial accounting allowing us to see and report on information in one system. We have in tandem with buying EasyBuild, purchased an estimating software system and look forward to having the system work alongside each other to know how we are performing versus what we estimated and to allow us to procure from within EasyBuild from budget data.”

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