Precision engineering firm takes growth seriously with Access

International distributor SIG invests in newPrecision engineering firm Colsons, part of the X-Cel Superturn (GB) Ltd group, has implemented a supply chain solution from Access to secure growth and ensure strict efficiencies are met and exceeded to the same business standards as other entities within the organisation.

X-Cel director, Tim Heron, explains: “Colsons is currently experiencing healthy growth and as a result we looked at our options to become more productive and efficient. We currently run a purpose built database that lacked integration capabilities. This meant that our operation wasn’t as streamlined as we’d like to see, especially whilst we’re looking ahead to the future with greater growth rates.”

Colsons is on par with current growth increases within the manufacturing sector and as a result has looked to fortify their future by reinvesting back into their IT infrastructure. The group that owns Colsons, X-Cel Superturn has been successfully running Access FactoryMaster and has seen a significant return on investment. As a result the time has come to implement the same investment into Colsons with the addition of planning and scheduling solution Access Orchestrate.

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Ian Roper, supply chain solutions divisional director for Access, comments: “It’s not uncommon for larger organisations to see technological potential within other firms and apply a proven and tested template of IT infrastructure, such as running FactoryMaster & Orchestrate side-by-side. This enables the larger group organisation to quickly bring entities up to the same standard of supply chain management and quickly see the return on investment.”

Tim elaborates: “Our organisation has had previous experience with Access, we saw the benefits that X-Cel Group were receiving from the solution and recognised that it was time to bring Colsons to the same standard. With a proven track record of implementing effective supply chain management and planning and scheduling, it made sense for us to extend our relationship with Access.”

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He adds: “We’re working with Access to generally improve the way our entire organisation functions. Supply chain management, planning and scheduling, we wanted to improve it all with Access. Initially we’ll mainly be focusing on our automation requirements and Access’ capabilities to integrate and automate our current processes to streamline manufacturing.

“As seen previously, we trust Access to enable us to grow. This is something that we couldn’t do with our current infrastructure, it really restricted our potential,” explains Tim.

Tim concludes: “What we liked most about Access was that they have, from previous experience, proven to be user-friendly within other areas of the group. We’re looking to roll out the same adoption process within Colsons. This will enable us to practice enhanced management over our processes early and secure our growth whilst reducing administrative burdens.”

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