WinMan unveils WinMan Cloud, improving business productivity and efficiency

Leading ERP software provider announces launch of new solution, offering operational cost and assisting remote working

WinMan – an enterprise resource planning (ERP) provider with over 25 years of experience in supplying the manufacturing and distribution industries – has announced the impending launch of WinMan Cloud.

The new solution, which will be a separate alternative to WinMan’s existing on-premise system, will become available on Thursday 1st October. WinMan Cloud is being launched as a direct response to what the company sees as an increased demand for solutions that do not require an in-house infrastructure, as part of the wider evolution of the workplace in recent years.

Operational over capital cost

It is anticipated that WinMan Cloud will offer unprecedented value; being a comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution for manufacturers and distributors, providing them with a complete toolkit to support their business processes. WinMan Cloud is intended to cater for companies that wish to have an operational cost, rather than a capital cost, when moving to a new system.

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Designed with manufacturers and distributors in mind, WinMan Cloud users will benefit from a modern design and user-friendly interface. The product can be accessed on multiple devices, assist remote working, and is expected to gain immediate market traction as a ‘simple solution for complex problems’.

Nimble and flexible

Jonathan Davies, WinMan Sales Director, said: “Investment in the right ERP system can improve productivity and efficiency for any business. WinMan Cloud ERP will make it easier than ever before for organisations to make their ERP system available company-wide, when and where they need it. In the present climate, it is essential for WinMan to be a platform which is as nimble and flexible as possible, and as an addition to our existing on-premise system, WinMan Cloud can be a truly game-changing solution.”

New level of efficiency

Nick Jacobs, WinMan Technical Director, commented: “WinMan Cloud has been built from the ground-up, and is part of our ongoing investment into new technologies. As with the existing WinMan platform, WinMan Cloud is designed from the manufacturer’s and distributor’s perspective and can offer a pathway to a new level of efficiency by supporting an ultra-streamlined workflow in production and distribution facilities. For companies which are increasingly offering their personnel the option of remote working, WinMan Cloud will offer the ability to get the job done, in spite of a downsizing of on-site human resources.”

With offices in both the UK and the US, WinMan currently has hundreds of clients worldwide using its manufacturing and distribution ERP solutions; servicing a range of sectors and providing solutions to support optimal business processes.

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