Why OCR (optical character recognition) is revolutionising businesses all over

sage 50 construction improvesIn many office environments huge amounts of time is spent on unnecessary tasks such as inputting data, or searching through piles of documents and files to retrieve information needed to complete a task. The growing trend of document digitisation, enabled by document scanning providers such as Pearl Scan, is helping to reduce time wasted and when coupled with OCR technology it is revolutionising businesses all over.

OCR (optical character recognition) is the process of converting a scanned document into fully editable and searchable virtual files, transforming paper documents into formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel spread sheets, CV files and PDF searchable documents. When processing a scanned digital file with OCR technology, highly useful documents are created as a result which can allow businesses to have easier and quicker access to streams of data in a digital format.

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Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “Implementing document management software is a great way to free up space and de-clutter any office, but without the addition of OCR these files are simply stored virtually as opposed to in physical format. Applying this technology to the files that are scanned can revolutionise businesses by helping to organise the vast amount of data that lies within these paper documents, and presenting them in a way which easy to search and analyse.”

Ashraf continued, “Ultimately, processes are streamlined, meaning that organisations can respond to the needs of their customers much more efficiently and effectively when using OCR.”

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OCR intelligence can be applied to any digital document that contains text information, and can be used to speed up the workflow of a wide range of industries and job roles that rely on large amounts of paper files and physical databases every day. Reducing time that was spent manually going through piles of documentation to a simple keyword text search, OCR helps businesses to make intelligent use of the information held within their archives.

Pearl Scan is a nationwide provider of document scanning solutions and offer three levels of OCR conversion, each option formulated to meet specific technical requirements. industry/invoice-scanning

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