Why business intelligence is the secret to success

Business Intelligence is a fundamental aspect of any business operation

According to Jon Roberts, Senior Sales Manager at OrderWise, BI allows businesses to unlock greater sales potential, enhance their collective IQ, improve their processes and most importantly, provide the clear visibility of what’s working and what isn’t.

An intelligence solution is run using live data, allowing users to log in and look at their statistics whenever they need to and be alerted to any changes automatically. By having this quick access, businesses will be able to drill down into the nitty-gritty of their sales data and spot any trends or issues in their operation so they can act quickly.

Live data in visual form

Along with Business Intelligence, businesses can access KPI dashboards which are graphs and charts that represent the statistics in visual form. This is invaluable if you find yourself short on time and would benefit from at-a-glance interpretation opposed to looking at the information in a more detailed format. Of course, businesses can use various online sources to input their KPI information to make visuals. However, the minute those statistics are entered into the system, they are already out of date.

By utilising a real-time intelligence solution with KPI dashboards such as OrderWise, the snapshots are live and available immediately from your computer, tablet or smartphone. So, if you’re working in a hands-on environment, you can log into the system on your coffee break and check on business performance in a matter of minutes!

Decisions with confidence

At OrderWise, we have a number of customers utilising this intelligence. A. Perry Ltd is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer and supplier of Hinges, Hardware, Ironmongery, Chain and Threaded Bar. They have been making lighter work of their operations by having their data gathered for them through the OrderWise software, allowing the business to see their performance levels, outstanding order volumes and staff targets. The most fundamental part is that the solution has allowed A. Perry to make decisions with confidence, as well as decisions that are right for their business.

Businesses who aren’t utilising an intelligence solution are urged to consider it, so they can see for themselves the positive impact it will have on their business. Whether it’s making more sales or knowing more about your stock levels, having unrivalled intelligence will empower your business to get to where it needs to be.

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