Top 5 tips for a smooth ERP implementation

34% of businesses say managing the business disruption is a barrier to switching systems

This advice from OGL…

We understand the move from one business software to another can be daunting, the combination of business disruption, time to move and the fear of change are the biggest barriers, as well as cost, to making the switch.

81% of UK wholesalers and distributors we surveyed agreed that a central ERP system gives a company greater visibility and control of stock, yet 34% of businesses say managing the business disruption is a barrier to switching.

Not all ERP implementations are difficult to manage, especially if you’re well prepared and fully trained, which is why we’ve put together our top 5 tips for a smooth ERP implementation.

Choose a product based on your future goals

When choosing a software solution, select a product based on your future business strategy and goals. Consider if the software meets your immediate requirements but also if it has the features and functionality you’ll require in the future. If you’re looking to start selling online, make sure your software offers an integrated eCommerce solution to maximise efficiencies. It’s important that your software and supplier will grow with you and support your future needs for maximum ROI.

Conduct a Business Process Review

Changing software is a great time to review your existing processes to see how you can use new technology to enhance and redesign your processes to increase effectiveness. Make sure your potential software provider carries out a BPR so you can see exactly how the software will benefit your business.

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Review and clean data

Take the time to review and clean your customer, supplier and product data to make sure you transfer quality data to avoid further complication and data errors. This is often a time-consuming stage of the implementation process but if you begin early and get the team involved in cleaning data, you’ll increase your chances of a smooth migration. Also make sure your provider can fully transfer your data history so that you don’t lose your important customer or product information.

Don’t underestimate training

Identify super users for each department at the start of the process so they can help to train staff moving forward and take ownership of the processes for their division. Quality time for training will ensure you can maximise the effectiveness of the system and reap the benefits straight away.

Choose the right partner

Invest in a software provider that can support you and help you to achieve maximum potential from your investment. Your supplier is just as, if not more, important than your ERP system because with the support network, experience and industry knowledge of your software partner, managing the change, seeing an ROI and making the most from the software can be seamless and stress-free.

The benefits you could reap from migrating to a central ERP system could be huge, which is why we don’t want you to miss out because of the fear of migrating. The main priority for us is to help you to manage the change and get up and running as soon as possible when migrating to OGL Software which is why we believe choosing the right software partner is key to a successful migration.

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