Too much screen time is affecting employees’ psyche

top ERP headaches With most UK adults spending almost an entire day a week online, business leaders are increasingly creating break-out spaces in a bid to keep staff invigorated and boost collaboration, according to workplace technology expert Condeco Software.

The latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures show that the average adult spends more than 20 hours online a week, which includes time spent on the internet at work.  Therefore, breakout spaces are vital way for businesses across the world to help give staff a rest from the glare of their computer screen.  These areas can be described simply as a separate space, away from the normal work arena – a place where staff can do anything from eat their lunch, relax, brainstorm, or hold meetings. Giving people a break from the computer screen also has benefits that some people may overlook, such as helping firms comply with health and safety rules.

Firms may be under the impression that such spaces are a luxury which they cannot afford. However, Debra Ward, Managing Director for EMEA at Condeco Software, warns that decision makers must consider the benefits and positive impact on the culture of the office before ruling out creating such an area.

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Debra comments: “Forward-thinking companies were quick to realise the importance of creating break-out spaces in the office.  To some businesses however, it may seem like a fad and ‘agility’ and ‘flexible working’ are interpreted as just industry buzz words. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Organisations are increasingly seeing the huge benefit these spaces can yield. It gives their teams a relaxed area to work together, float ideas, collaborate and connect. It also improves employee engagement by giving a space for staff to discuss the business with one another comfortably, creating better cross-functional relations and partnerships.”

In order to address the concerns of many business leaders about whether they have sufficient space to create such zones, Condeco Software created Condeco Sense, a market first in sensory technology that enables business leaders to access accurate, real-time data on how their workspaces, meeting rooms and breakout spaces are used.

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Debra adds: “By embracing technology, decision makers can now simply use data to re-arrange their workspace. Having tangible data means that firms can make full use of their office space, which is vital when real estate is so costly. But having data goes further, it gives businesses the power and information to drive change in their workplace, efficiently and effectively.

“Many organisations currently employ walk-through surveys to asses the usage of their office and these can add real value, but they does not paint a full picture. These methods should be combined with technology to give decision makers a holistic view which empowers them with to make business defining decisions.

“Creating well-planned and well-thought out breakout spaces can make it easier for staff to work together, which in turn drives collaboration. The connectivity which these areas create also means that that a more engaged workforce is created, helping them pull together as a team towards business goals.”

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