Three sure fire tricks to optimise your furniture factory throughput

…according to Syscom PLC, one of Microsoft’s longest standing resellers of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

It is estimated that companies waste an estimated 40% of productivity time through unplanned stoppage, unplanned maintenance, interruptions and bottlenecks. In addition, it has also been reported that this is costing UK companies over £3 billion pounds every year.

A major cause of this wastage is that working procedures and processes are simply no longer suited to the demands of today’s modern working environment. They were put in place many years ago and hardly ever reviewed or updated resulting in misalignment with current operations. In addition to this, the IT infrastructure is very often incapable of meeting the speed and performance required to meet today’s challenges. Is it any wonder why companies fail to meet their true potential?

It should be no surprise then that the 3 elements to consider if you are to benchmark yourselves against your competition are:

1. Good business practice & processes

2. Your staff

3. Your IT systems

The fact is, many companies are unable to realise what their real production capacity is and therefore are more likely to lose opportunities to competition. Of course, many companies strive to optimise factory throughput by installing improved planning systems and optimisation tools to highlight and then managing bottlenecks within their business process. Yet, hardly any are truly integrated with the rest of the business.

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Today’s customer likes to be fully informed and has a greater reach to alternative sources and is less likely to want to wait for their orders whilst you resolve your production problems. The modern manufacturer is able to achieve their ATP (Available to Promise) or CTP (Commitment to Promise) is crucial. However, achieving this is not always that easy often requiring changes to shift patterns or overtime being incurred. The real cause is often due to the inefficiencies within the process.

Data error is by far the most costly element in any manufacturing process. It will stop machines, over or under estimate demand and completely misalign the business. Being able to understand how errors occur and resolving them and then turning this accurate data into meaningful information will help you to realise the true potential and expose your business to new opportunities and deliver those that you have with considerable ease. The main problem facing many manufacturing companies is that they simply do not have the ability to measure their own performance internally and externally – A well established, well proven manufacturing and production software system, Microsoft Dynamics AX will do this for you.

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Syscom PLC is one of Microsoft’s longest standing resellers of Microsoft Dynamics AX and specialises in the identification, management of production bottlenecks and the synchronisation of production through use of its Microsoft tools and Consultancy services.

We work with manufacturing companies to help them release increased capital from within by cutting out waste, balancing supply with demand, optimising production, and replenishment processes. All this without any impact to your current manufacturing and service operation. What makes Syscom PLC different is that we take great care in understanding your business, its goals and aspirations well before implementation of software.

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