The need for speed in the supply chain

Advanced-business-solutions-launches-SCM-300x225“It’s critical for furniture companies to scrutinise every aspect of their supply chain,” says Keith Pittaway at Midlands based Microsoft Gold ERP Partner, Syscom PLC.  “As we recover from the recession and manufacturing figures continue to perform well in the UK, it’s more important than ever to control costs and maintain service to the end customer.”

The need for speed, accurate and cost effective production and distribution channels, whilst keeping the lid on returns is what many furniture manufacturing & distribution companies should be aiming for.  However, there can be lots of different versions of the same furniture product, fire regulations and the options associated with each product are vast.  The Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Advanced Product Configurator developed by Syscom PLC is extremely configurable and it is easy to tweak the system to individual requirements.  It saves labour in administration and cuts down on lengthy processes you had before so it will provide you with speed, accuracy and happy customers.

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“To become more successful and move forward you should be reducing inventory levels as well as improving on time shipping performance and inventory management,” Keith continued.  “With savings gained by implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX and Advanced Product Configurator from Syscom PLC, you will then be in the enviable position of being able to post good sales numbers whilst forging ahead on a technology plan that promises even more savings down the road.”

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