The itSHOWCASE Xperience: An interview with the exhibitors

The itshowcase xperienceOn 15th and 16th of March, Xperience Dynamics, an Xperience group business, exhibited its construction, contracting and service management software solutions at the itSHOWCASE in Glasgow and Newcastle. Here we talk to Alastair Sinclair, Business Development Manager at Xperience Dynamics, as he reflects on the past events to identify what drives business owners to the exhibition and what challenges they face.

When speaking to attendees, what is the most common reason for visiting the itSHOWCASE?

Attendees find the itSHOWCASE an ideal way to meet all the software providers in the one room. Construction and service sectors are highly competitive. They are becoming more dependent on IT to remain agile, therefore comparing software solutions can give them a clear view of which one is best suited to meet their business requirements.

What are the most common business challenges of attendees at the itSHOWCASE?

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Like millions of businesses, many professionals we meet use spreadsheets to manage their daily operations. The manual re-keying of data takes up a lot of time and only one person can access any one spreadsheet at any one time. Consequently, long-term it increases the risk of human error and becomes a bottleneck for growth.

Added to this, many business owners face the challenge of obtaining accurate information to support the decision-making process. This is often the result of using old technology or having a number of different software systems in place for Finance, Contract Costing, Contract and Service Management.

What do business owners want to improve, both in construction and field service management sector?

In construction, they require access to real-time information regarding labour and materials costs against budgets.  As margins are low due to competitive bidding, it is important to have a system that can record all incomings and outgoings to ensure optimised cash flow and maximise profitability.

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In Service Management, we often see the need to maximise the efficiencies of scheduling field resources to ensure the people with the right skills and the required equipment and parts are available to meet the demands of the clients. Additionally, to attract and keep clients they want flexible contracts and levels of service to prioritise calls and response times.

What do attendees look for in a supplier?

From the feedback we receive, a proven track record in the relevant sector is highly important for business owners. I also find they feel reassured that our solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software.

itSHOWCASE provides a good opportunity to compare a broad range of construction and service management solutions and find the best fit and solve issues such as project delays, limited resource levels and difficulties managing finances.


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