The IMC Group selects Priority ERP, a Medatech case study

The IMC Group were established in 2007 by an amalgamation of companies specialising in environmental monitoring equipment. They are an electronic manufacturer, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), who design, sell and manufacture all of their own products and do not rely on subcontractors.

IMC predominantly focus on environmental monitoring equipment for various industry sectors, selling systems, which monitor environmental temperature, humidity, light, all, controlled in a central location and communicated wirelessly. As a service provider, IMC have one core product, however there are thousands of variants that they can provide in order to meet their customer demands.

In addition, IMC sell services such as installations and collaborations, to support their customers and meet their requirements. IMC cover a number of sectors and have a vast product range. This gives them strength when visiting potential customers as they have the tools to meet requirements and satisfy their needs. Primary customers include Health Care and Pharmaceutical organisations and Heritage companies; they also have a broad spectrum of potential customers.

The challenge: Customer Needs & Pain Points

IMC had a number of different systems in place, e.g. one system for stock, sales, finance and this is all it covered. They were limited to those areas and did not have the Manufacturing functionality, which is one of their main requirements.

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In addition, their CRM, Engineering & other aspects of their business were managed separately on spreadsheets and other software applications that did not talk to each other. This was a very ineffective way of working and caused a lot of duplication, this soon led them to realise that they needed a central software solution that could span all aspects of the business, specialising in Manufacturing. IMC required a fully integrated, off the shelf solution that had the functionality to handle their processes and streamline their operations.

The Solution

IMC had a very limited, disjointed system in place before Priority and tried to devise processes that linked the separate functions together. Eventually, this way of working became very difficult to maintain due to company growth, it was not scalable. This drove IMC to look for an ERP solution that could handle their processes more effectively. They signed up to an Advisory service and we were one of the vendors recommended to them. After a number of demonstrations with around 6/7 companies, IMC picked Priority ERP. This was due to the very rich functionality, which focuses on the Manufacturing sector and covered many of their key requirements as standard, out of the box functionality.

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THe Results

IMC have now been a customer for around 4 years with 45 users. IMC have been very impressed with the depth of functionality, all of the things they needed to achieve, it could do and more! All internal personnel adapted to the change of systems and now, four years in, they appreciate Priority’s benefits. They held a lot of training session’s dependant on the user exposure to Priority. To do so, they used the online resources available to them such as the Medatech Library and our video tutorials. Following this, they had a number of training sessions delivered by their Project Manager, which were also beneficial and provided good support. IMC are still discovering more and more functionality that can be applied to their business.

Steve Fish, Materials Manager, The IMC Group sates: “Priority is a functionality rich solution, spanning the vast majority of our business processes out of the box. It can easily be configured further to adapt to our specific needs and any additional customisations have all been achievable at a reasonable cost and compatible with future upgrades.”

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