Tekla acquires Field3D business from SVS Innovations

Tekla acceleratesThe Building Information Modeling (BIM) software provider Tekla has acquired SVS Innovations’ (SVSi) construction software business and its advanced Field3D mobile technology. The acquisition further strengthens Tekla’s position in mobile BIM applications development.

Field3D is an easy-to-use 3D collaboration software solution for BIM that works on mobile devices, enabling stakeholders in a construction workflow to access complete 3D model information for an entire building on smartphones and tablets.

“One of Tekla’s key objectives is to extend BIM’s reach from the design office to the field, and Field3D technology will help us achieve this goal,” said Mr. Risto Räty, Executive Vice President of Tekla Corporation and General Manager of Trimble Buildings Structures Division. “Field3D technology focuses on solutions for mobile operating systems and the acquisition further strengthens Tekla’s position as a premier provider of advanced BIM technology.”

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Both Tekla and SVSi offer technology that smoothly manages very large amounts of information. Tekla’s constructible, accurate models can represent some of the largest, most complex structures with detailed construction information, while Field3D can fluently manage 3D models on mobile devices, regardless of their size. The solutions also share an open approach to BIM. Through their support for IFC and other 3D modeling file formats, they work with a wider choice of modeling solutions.

“Field3D is now part of a larger offering and we believe that it is the right way forward for our clients. Tekla’s global market position enables users to quickly deploy the benefits of this advanced technology. This acquisition demonstrates the value of our mobile 3D platform and now we can continue leveraging this innovative technology to other industries,” said Mr. Antti Nurminen, CEO of SVS Innovations.

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