Tech team to cycle 300 miles from Land’s End to Bourne End

From 15th June to 19th June, 11 members of Causeway Technologies will travel from Land’s End to Bourne End by bicycle to benefit the Causeway Foundation. The distance of the journey will total 303 miles with approximately 20,000 feet of vertical ascent, roughly the equivalent of riding up Mt Kilimanjaro!

The Causeway Foundation was established in 2011 to support and relieve the needs of disadvantaged and talented young people. Andrew Pike, Resourcing Specialist at Causeway Technologies, says: “We recognise that not everyone has the same comforts, opportunities and privileges that we do, and although we cannot change it for everyone, we can change it for some.”

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The aim of this initiative is to raise £5,500 for the Infant Jesus Clinic Convent Health Centre in Bangalore, one of the organisations that the Causeway Foundation supports. The Causeway Foundation has so far provided funds and assisted with the building and conversion of a hospital maternity unit, providing necessary equipment, and funding a full-time on-site doctor.

To see how the Causeway Foundation has benefitted the Infant Jesus Clinic Convent Health Centre to date, visit:

“We’ve all been training intensely to prepare for this physically challenging event,” says Pike, “It’s a long way with a lot of hills. Some of us are avid cyclists, some of us are not, but we are all looking for a challenge and to contribute to a good cause.

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“Every pound you donate will make a difference to the people we’re raising funds for—people who are less fortunate than ourselves, and who don’t have the same opportunities as we do,” Pike concluded.

To contribute to this cause, please visit:

Please note that every pound you donate will be matched by Causeway UK.

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