Tap Into ‘Green’ Consumers by Going Paperless with Pearl Scan’s Document Management Solution


Document management digitisation provider, Pearl Scan is helping businesses to tap into a new demographic of ‘green’ consumers, after a Nielsen study discovered that the majority of global online shoppers are willing to pay more for products from eco-friendly companies.

The research found that 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands – up from 55% in 2014. Millennials are also more likely to make social responsibility a deciding factor in their purchase decisions, with 73% of this age group admitting they’d be willing to pay more for sustainable offerings.

Pearl Scan is a document digitisation service that helps businesses to take important steps towards the coveted ‘paperless office’. With services that cover everything from legal document capture to aperture card scanning, Pearl Scan can help businesses boost their eco-friendly status and appeal more to the demographics that care deeply about the environment.

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Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director of Pearl Scan, says, “This new report shows that sustainability and ‘green’ practices are becoming ever more important in the eyes of consumers – and it’s no longer restricted to wealthy suburban individuals. Consumers of all regions, income levels and backgrounds showed that they were willing to pay more for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental endeavours.”

Naveed adds, “Here at Pearl Scan, we can help businesses become much more efficient, reducing the amount of paper they consume and boosting their eco credentials. Our digital mailroom services and document scanning packages allow businesses to seriously cut down on the amount of paper they get through, which is sure to appeal to the growing number of eco-conscious consumers out there.”

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The benefits of switching from paper documents to digitised ones don’t end with the environmental ones. Digital documents can be easily shared, with only virtual space consumed – which means goodbye to the space-eating document storage areas and vast paper archives. Documents in digital formats are also searchable, making the process of finding older documents a breeze.

Pearl Scan can even take care of the aftermath of document digitisation, with a secure paper shredding service which destroys the files you no longer need physical copies of. All of the paper shredded during this service is recycled, giving yet another boost to the ‘green’ credentials of any business, large or small.

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