Supply chains put on course with Stroma’s new Tracker software

ABS scoops green it awardVersion 3 of Stroma Certification’s Tracker software will be released to the energy industry in March 2015. The software is one of the industry’s most effective workflow management tool and now has a new look and better features to support and encourage interaction throughout supply chains between businesses, assessors and installers.

In its previous incarnation (as GD Tracker), the desktop based software was originally conceived to assist Green Deal and ECO work. As it has been developed, its flexibility and range of applications has widened to suit usage across the rest of the energy industry.

A prominent new feature of Tracker is the Tracker Online Portal. This allows registered users to generate, submit and monitor appointments through a web interface. It can be used by an assessor to request appointments, rather than having to wait until appointments are made through the main back office system. The online portal is a new dimension for Tracker which will assist in delivering the software’s main objective in promoting workflow management throughout a business and its supply chain.

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Tracker is able to be fully integrated with the key business processes of an organisation. It manages data and performs activities across the office-based and field-based functions of a business. This is achieved through Tracker’s ability to communicate with other modules in the Stroma Certification software portfolio. This includes their customer-focused website self-assessment tool, the RSAP+ lead generation software suite, Capture IT Android forms module and ECO assessment software. Tracker can pull and push data to and from all software and hold it all centrally for the purposes of analysis, data management and security.

Steve Horrocks, Technical Director, said: “Our vision is to make Tracker an indispensable part of your business. The latest developments delivered in version 3 have improved accessibility and made it easier for organisations to manage day-to-day tasks such as appointment and job scheduling. Through the increasing integration with the rest of Stroma’s software portfolio, Tracker ensures that one module is not being used independently of another. Instead our software works together to offer end users a single, multifunctional toolkit for use both on and off site.”

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Tracker now includes two bundles to offer a more comprehensive cross-sector service. The Green Deal and ECO bundle is perfect for operators within these sustainability schemes, whilst the Private Rental Sector delivers specific functionality to assessors working on behalf of estate agents and landlords.

Version 3 of Tracker has already undergone a well-received user testing day.

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