Success for Nash as they tackle their trade sales with PixSell iPad app.

success-for-nash-as-they-tackle-theirtrade-sales-with-pixsell-ipad-appThey’re a good bunch over at Essex based Nash Tackle, which is why those at Aspin are so pleased at all the benefits they bring to their business. Such benefits have fed all the way from the sales rep. to the bottom line and Nash are reportedly seeing an increase in their average order size. Which distributor would turn down business growth like that?

PixSell iPad ordering arrived at Nash in 2013. Selected to take over pen and paper ordering,orders reaching head office by phone and fax and low resolution catalogues, there was some reluctance from the sales team both on the road and the office staff that PixSell really could hit the mark and not disrupt their day-to-day job in the meantime.

“From the start, everything was explained very clearly”, confirms UK Sales Manager Matt Downing. “I had no prior knowledge to this type of software and electronic ordering, but it really was no problem.” Matt’s team of sales reps followed suite and overcame any initial concerns or objections to PixSell. “It’s funny how the most tech-repellent become the most reliable on PixSell and the iPad within their role – we are all delighted.”

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For Nash Tackle, PixSell has really bridged the knowledge gaps between the reps and head office and the reps and retailers. With regular stock updates available, there is less onus on head office to field telephone calls from the reps requesting product and account information. Account status, order histories, and sales reporting are just a few examples of readily available information within the application and as a result, each rep can manage their territory accounts, and sell more effectively.

Access to Outstanding Product reports enables the rep. and their customer to manage back orders with clarity and precision. As a result,customer relations are improved where over-subscribed products are concerned, which subsequently increases sales volume. In addition to sales reporting benefits, Nash also credit PixSell for assisting with their product launches. “The Presentation screen tiles enable us to professionally present large product launches in an organised manner, utilising hi-resolution images and accurate stock levels which manage the retailer’s expectations”, says Matt.

There’s another party in the equation with feedback for PixSell. Nash’s customers have commented on how useful it is for the sales reps to be able to generate PDF order confirmations during the sales call and also create PDF copies of past orders. Retailers have even asked for their own version of PixSell to place top-up orders in between rep visits – it really must be a hit! This feedback from the retailers have led to a requirement for an InterSell B2B eCommerce site with Aspin. Retailers will be able to log in, access their accounts and place orders at the correct price.

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“In all honesty”, Matt tells us, “we were less professional and less cost efficient before we used PixSell, and the positive experience didn’t stop once we had gone live. Support has been and continues to be fantastic and I am made to feel like no question is too much trouble. Aspin Support staff are always friendly and friendly. We are extremely happy with PixSell and service provided by Aspin and are very excited at the prospect of our new website with them.”

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