Sky’s the limit for roofing specialist with Exchequer finance software

GS Brown constructionSky Green Limited, a specialist provider of roofing and cladding services, has selected finance and document management solutions from Advanced Exchequer (Advanced) to better manage project costings, increase compliance and support its next phase of growth. The software will go live in October 2015.

Founded in 2011, the Birmingham-based company works with major construction firms. The business sought an integrated finance solution to replace a customised in-house system to drive anticipated growth of 40% over the next 12 months. The new system will automate a range of manually intensive processes to streamline the authorisation of financial documents. Purchase orders and invoices will be scanned and stored in a secure archive using the document management technology to eliminate paper and ensure swift retrieval.

Nick Heath, Managing Director of Sky Green Limited, comments: “The business is substantially expanding year-on-year and our existing system could no longer cope. To continue to compete effectively, we needed a flexible solution to enable us to closely monitor costs and eliminate duplication of effort.

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“Exchequer was chosen in preference to four other solutions due to its impressive functionality and fully integrated modules. We were also drawn by the simplicity of the system and the obvious efficiency benefits it would bring.”

Sky Green will be able to access richer information to better understand the company’s financial position. Costs can be tracked and monitored on individual projects to ensure contracts are delivered on time and within budget. Customisable management reports containing real-time financial data can also be easily created in seconds and automatically exported into Excel to improve productivity.

In addition, Exchequer’s integrated Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) module will enable Sky Green to fully comply with HMRC tax legislation by maintaining a comprehensive audit trail. CIS certificates can be electronically tracked, submitted and recorded for each sub-contractor to include details of all gross or net payments made and tax withheld for their individual records.

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Mr Heath comments: “Exchequer is sufficiently robust and scalable to support our continued surge in growth so we can plan with confidence for the future. The system will also prove invaluable by ensuring we keep up-to-date with changing legislation at all times and reduce manual data entry to enable us to process sub-contractor payments quickly and accurately.

“As well as gaining significant time benefits, we also anticipate cost savings through maintaining tighter financial control through greater visibility over our projects and budgets.”

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