RedSky IT’s parent company creates new global branding

ERH group differentiatesRedSky IT (Hemel) Ltd, a leading developer of ERP software solutions for the Construction industry, has announced that the Explorer Software Group of Companies, of which RedSky IT is an
integral part, has established a new global branding as JDM Technology Group to better reflect the identity of its individual operating companies and their respective product brands while discernibly positioning the software group for future growth and expansion.

JDM Technology Group, the new branding of the Explorer Software Group of Companies, was created in August of 2014 to serve as the umbrella of four individual operating companies, including Computer Guidance Corporation, CSSP Construction Software, Explorer Software and RedSky IT. These four companies will continue to function independently serving their
respective customers and markets in over 40 countries on six continents.

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According to the CEO and owner of JDM Technology Group, James McFarlane: “The group branding change was done in order to bring clarity to the names of our individual operating companies and their associated product brands. The business operations of these companies will not change as a result of the new name, in fact, my strategy remains keeping the well-respected brands in place and ensuring each entity has the tools to grow within their respective markets.”

Craig Norford, RedSky IT’s Managing Director welcomed the news and stated: “Our focus on the construction industry and the stability we enjoy because of JDM Technology Group is fundamental to the success we have experienced over our past 8 years together. The Group allows us to share new technologies, and ideas but never forgetting our customers and their requirements. A reviving UK market and the ability to learn and gain from shared experiences across the Group make this an exciting time to further develop our identity.”

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