Prodware launches new software for single park operators

cutting edge wall sizedProdware UK has launched ParkVision Rapid Start, a business software solution designed
specifically for the single caravan park or holiday home operator. With a subscription based pricing model, Prodware will build on its success in the market of multi-park holiday home operations and is looking to provide an affordable solution for single park operators that improves their services while cutting operational costs.

Powered by Microsoft technology, ParkVision Rapid Start is the only software system to fully manage all aspects of holiday park operations with functionality to cover holiday sales, holiday home sales, park management, finance and much more.

Jamaine Campbell, Commercial Manager explains: “Combined with Microsoft’s RapidStart
implementation methodology, ParkVision functionality that was initially designed to be exclusively for the larger group park operators is now affordable to the single park operator. Subscription based pricing allows monthly, per user payments, giving single park operators the ability to only pay for the system users they need, in order to accommodate peak season staffing.”

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He continues: “We see this as a fantastic move towards providing a flexible pricing model demanded by single park operators, who previously recognised the benefits of ParkVision but were not in a position to make the investment.”

This version of ParkVision launched on November 5th and key functions include:

 Lead Management
 Unit Sales
 Park Management
 Reservations Management
 Owner Management
 Functional rich customer portals
 Electronic Document Management
 Finance & HR
 Integration with Microsoft Office Suite

Jamaine Campbell concludes: “As proven with multi-park operators, Prodware’s track record for
delivering an environment that increases profit whilst removing the administrative overhead of running a business is second to none and is now available to single park operators.”

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