Pegasus Software launches Cloud offering for SMEs 

Access Group unveils cloud platformPegasus Software has announced the availability of Pegasus Business Cloud, a new way to access its integrated business finance and payroll solution, Opera 3.  The Cloud-based solution enables organisation to access all of the benefits of Opera 3, such as efficient financials, robust and intuitive reporting, and BI to support informed decisions, but without the need to invest in hardware, resources and maintenance.

Through adopting a Cloud-based approach, organisations can channel resources into business strategy knowing that infrastructure, maintenance and upgrades are being managed by specialists.  As well as reduced capital investment, reliance on skills is less, freeing up investment and resources to focus on projects which add strategic value to the organisation.

Managed by Pegasus’ Partner network, Pegasus Business Cloud facilitates flexibility and agility, enabling users to access the solution from any mobile device, upgrade at the click of a button, and respond to changes in technology quickly and easily.  Payable on a monthly basis, capital expenditure budgets can be left alone, and total cost of ownership (TCO) stays low.

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“There’s no denying that Cloud is here to stay, bringing with it a host of benefits such as lower up-front costs, minimal maintenance, fewer resources and instantaneous access to the very latest upgrades and new developments,” comments Stuart Anderson, Director, Sales & Marketing, Pegasus Software.  “Pegasus Business Cloud has been developed in response to feedback from our customers who increasingly demand greater flexibility, predictability and ease of use when it comes to IT applications.  Customers not only benefit from the standard benefits of Cloud, but all of the experience and expertise that they’d expect as part of an on-premise deployment – a win win.”

Mike Stapley from GRA Limited, comments: “We operate in a highly competitive marketplace as we compete with a plethora of leisure providers such as restaurants, casinos, cinemas or football stadiums.  In order to increase market share, we need robust systems which enable us to be proactive in all areas of our business – from sending out promotions to controlling our costs.  Opera 3 really is the backbone of our business as it offers the flexibility and integrity to enable us to do just that – and through deploying Opera 3 in the Cloud, we are set to derive additional benefits in terms of cost savings, responsiveness and scalability.”

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Susan Warne from plastics manufacturer A.Warne, comments: “Through switching to Opera 3 in the Cloud, not only do we benefit from Opera 3’s core features such as brilliant, detailed reporting, and live visibility of stock which has eliminated our need to shut down production for an annual stock-take. We now have greater visibility of our costs, reduced risk as we no longer have responsibility for maintaining our own servers, and upgrades are undertaken seamlessly which means we can dedicate even more time to growing the business.”

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