OrderWise gets Safeaid online

When safety and personal protective equipment specialist Safeaid needed a new website, they felt OrderWise really was the only option.

The company, based near Portsmouth, manufactures and sells fully compliant personal protective equipment (PPE). Having used OrderWise since 2012, the company knew where to turn for a website to showcase their latest project.

Safeaid’s launch of Mi365, a bespoke PPE web-based management system, originated from one of the Company’s creative sessions in 2016. Marketing Manager at Safeaid, Janet Glackin said: “We know how time consuming the logistics of managing PPE can be and wondered if there was a simpler solution and so Mi365 was conceived.”

Janet added: “Based on our years of experience in this industry, we knew exactly what we wanted and were uncompromising in our specification. We knew what functions would make a difference to our customers and so our search for a web developer, to turn our ideas into a reality, began.

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“We already had a successful working relationship with OrderWise and we liked their company ethos. To have a bespoke website designed, which would integrate with all of our management software, was too appealing to ignore. Many of our customers work on rail and building sites with little or no access to computers and so our website had to be fully mobile responsive.

“We’re delighted with the end product and our customers are extremely enthused about the possibilities of Mi365.”

Marketing Manager at OrderWise Karl Blakesley said: “The move that Safeaid made from supplier to supplier/manufacturer in 2011, when they launched their own brand – Signal – was bold, but it reinforced the need for a multi-channel software package.

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“The company needed one that could integrate the different departments and provide clear, concise data to aid the company’s decision making. Their existing software could no longer cope with the demands of the business or its pace of growth.

“The advantage of Safeaid choosing OrderWise is that it offers a modular and scalable software system that can adapt as the business grows.”

Once OrderWise had been commissioned, they quickly went to work to come up with a solution to meet Safeaid’s needs.

Janet added: “Our new website – Mi365 – quite simply puts our customers in control of their PPE management. It is a resourceful, adept and easy to use programme, available “on the go” 24/7. We and our customers are excited about the possibilities for the future.”


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