OrderWise adds marketing into the mix

Customers of business intelligence and software specialists OrderWise will be able to add even more flair to their future marketing campaigns thanks to the software platform’s latest addition.

The Lincolnshire company’s new marketing module is designed to seamlessly fit alongside recent additions to its services. These include Business Intelligence (BI) alerts and the firm’s already popular Android app, released earlier this year.

Marketing Manager at OrderWise Karl Blakesley said: “Marketing is an essential part of any business and the process of researching, promoting and selling to a target audience often holds the key to attracting consumers.

“Many companies invest in these activities to create demand for sales. However, some find profits at the end don’t always match up to initial costs. This is where our new marketing module comes into play.”

OrderWise has spotted that although there are many possibilities available to help businesses run marketing campaigns to promote themselves, it can be time-consuming passing data back and forth between systems.

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Businesses regularly need to dedicate staff time to this task, a fragmented process that can prove to be less than cost-effective. This often results in budgets being wasted on laborious data transfer tasks which can soon reduce productivity.

This new module from OrderWise allows businesses to create contact lists and automate subsequent marketing campaigns.

Working as part of the existing OrderWise setup, this also means customers can unite the process of passing data between the back-end OrderWise system and chosen marketing platforms and can also target and segment contacts.

Karl added: “The system integrates with popular marketing tools such as MailChimp and CommuniGator, which gives customers the chance to set up and run marketing campaigns to selected contacts from directly within OrderWise.”

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The system holds information such as: job roles, business sector, whether contacts have been recently quoted or have placed an order.

Using a selection of over 35 queries to set up the campaign, users can add sub-queries to concentrate their target audience and generate customer interest. Statistics from campaigns run will then be retrieved directly into OrderWise and will constantly refresh.

This will show exactly who interacted wit the campaign. In turn, this allows businesses to categorise contacts and identify where issues could lie.

The module also binds with the existing OrderWise customer relationship management (CRM) module. This means users can create opportunities off the back of campaign results. By combining these modules, businesses can deliver a sales strategy that could prove integral to company growth.


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