NMBS choose Open ECX’s eInvoicing and eOrdering solutions to streamline business transactions

NMBS, the most successful Buying Society in the UK for independent builders, plumbers, hardware and timber merchants, called upon Open ECX to help manage its current eInvoicing processes. With over 600 suppliers and 280,000 invoices to process monthly, NMBS needed an efficient solution to help make complex, time-consuming processes more automated.

NMBS selected Open ECX for its credibility, reputation and honesty. Andy Hextall, Commercial Director at NMBS, said: “We chose Open ECX as we were extremely impressed with its concepts. In order to save time and resources we needed to find a solution to guarantee performance efficiency and automation for the least amount of effort to our suppliers. This meant we had to get the maximum number of suppliers to make the change to eInvoicing. This is where ECX’s unique PDF to XML service came in.

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“We were extremely satisfied with the speedy supplier onboarding process. With Open ECX’s assistance, the number of EDI transactions has dramatically increased, seeing a positive decrease in the amount of manual transactions. Open ECX has essentially become an extension of our back office, helping us operate more efficiently. In total, 94% of our transactions are now electronic and hopefully this will increase in time.”

As well as providing eInvoicing solutions, NMBS utilised Open ECX’s eOrdering solution. With eOrdering, NMBS can send orders direct to suppliers, creating a whole new opportunity by allowing members access to new and existing suppliers via EDI ordering; providing a better more efficient service for all, increasing the NMBS network for the better.

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Business benefits:

-eInvoicing is time and cost-efficient, expediting the payment process so payments can be made without complication and staff can focus on more strategic tasks.
– Minimises costly paper waste and time-consuming manual invoicing.
– Open ECX offers complete support and assurance during the eInvoicing onboarding process, making the switch easy for both your business and your suppliers.
– Open ECX’s specialist eInvoicing onboarding team is trained to quickly onboard suppliers in order to help businesses such as NMBS process invoices efficiently. —- Open ECX works with the entire supplychain – contactors, subcontractors, merchants and manufacturers –  to map end-to-end processes and provide straightforward solutions for the management of all business transactions.

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