New version of IFS Field Service Management Software released

cutting edge wall sizedIFS, the global enterprise applications company, has announced major updates to its IFS Field Service Management (FSM) Software offering. The latest version of IFS Field Service Management (5.6.3) is now available and features a number of enhancements including:

New Windows 10 mobile client—IFS has added a Windows 10 app to its mobility suite (joining Android and iOS). Built on the same framework and with the same feature set as the other mobile clients, the new Windows 10 client offers users the same robust and intuitive software experience for Windows Phones, tablets, and Windows 10 laptops.

IFS Lobby—Leveraging the innovative Lobby architecture released in IFS Applications 9, the new version of IFS FSM comes preloaded with several Lobbies that presents real-time information in an easy-to-understand graphical view. The FSM Lobbies have been specially designed for mission-critical functions such as Service Managers, Inventory and Logistics, Financials, and Repair and Depot.

iOS notifications—Field engineers can now receive notifications on iPhones, iPads, and on the Apple Watch for important updates sent through the FSM mobile application. They can accept or reject assigned tasks and, with one click, launch the FSM mobile application to display task details.

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Activity feeds—Users can now monitor business data and summarize updates on the Activity Bar within the application. This allows users to track important data and, with one click, see when it was updated, what updates occurred, and who made the changes. The activity feeds can also be filtered to only show specific updates, such as only when a critical value on a record is changed.

Optimized UI for Android tablets—The user experience of the FSM mobile application has been optimized for Android tablets. Taking advantage of the larger screen, users see both their workflow steps and any existing data along with their standard workflow screens. Like the rest of the application, the tablet-optimized screens are configurable using the UI Designer.

Microsoft Azure—IFS FSM is now available as a solution in the IFS Managed Cloud on Microsoft Azure, supporting the Azure Active Directory for single sign-on across all applications as well as Azure websites for dynamic scaling, load balancing, and easy deployment of updates.

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Inventory Lot Tracking—The all-new feature lets users track inventory by lots, making it significantly easier to comply with regulations and identify parts in situations where lots are defective and needs to be recalled.

Enhanced configurability—The new version offers significantly more configurability options throughout the system, allowing FSM users to create an optimal user experience resulting in more rapid implementations and a lower total cost of ownership.

“We are very excited to release the new version of IFS Field Service Management Software, which brings major enhancement into the hands of our customers,” Tom Bowe, IFS industry director for enterprise service management said. “In this release, we are drawing on world-leading technology from Microsoft as well as innovative features from the IFS Applications suite to help our customers focus on what is important to them: providing a great service experience for their customers.”

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