New partnership for mobile transactions in rugged environments

Granger chooses AccessManufacturing and distribution businesses looking for instantaneous fast transactions from the shop floor now have a wider choice of mobile solutions after K3 Syspro announced a unique partnership with software automation expert AfriSoft.

The partnership has made K3 Syspro a key reseller of TransLution mobile software for the UK and Europe, adding to its already impressive mobile product range. The product complements K3 Syspro’s existing SYSPRO Espresso product, which was introduced with the recent SYSPRO 7 upgrade.

TransLution has been chosen by K3 Syspro as a direct response to its customers for a solution that can meet high demand for instantaneous fast transactions. It is built for operation directly from the shopfloor, enabling production staff to update and add live stock and barcode information on the move and send that data directly to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. With the flexibility to provide a multitude of methods to achieve the mobile functionality that SYSPRO users demand from mobile, TransLution enables the company to offer a mobile solution to every type of SYSPRO user.

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K3 Syspro Managing Director Cathie Hall commented: “Mobility is a core lean enabler allowing manufacturers to extend mobile data right to the point of activity. With SYSPRO Espresso and TransLution as part of our product range, we are able to facilitate reliable, ruggedised access to ERP and provide a more streamlined mobile platform for data analysis, enabling all types of SYSPRO user to achieve a new level of efficiency and profitability.”

TransLution software enables SYSPRO users to simplify and accelerate their production processes by capturing, processing, and analysing production data with a mobile solution for the shopfloor. It integrates mobile scanners, touchscreen devices, and other plant equipment seamlessly into SYSPRO, allowing traditional manual tasks such as stock taking or production records to be automated and streamlined.

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A recent report from the PwC revealed that 81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important for their enterprise, with 73% stating that mobility was their top priority for industrial manufacturing. For many manufacturing and distribution companies, mobility and automation is key for reducing the risk of duplicate data entries, accelerating production and responding quickly to increased demand.

AfriSoft Africa Director Russell Kleyn added: “TransLution software is a good fit for many of K3 Syspro’s customers. Our solution not only simplifies standard tasks, but creates a system that integrates seamlessly into SYSPRO to streamline data input and reduce errors. We are looking forward to a successful partnership, providing manufacturing and distribution companies with a holistic solution that will truly benefit them.”

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