Network upgrade boosts performance for Fife Housing

fife-case-studyFife Housing Group is one of the largest independent housing associations in Scotland with more than 2,500 properties in Fife and an annual turnover of £11 million. Sixty-three employees operate from offices in Dunfermline and Lochgelly.

The organisation owns a range of properties, including 100-year old cottages and two and three bedroom flats, as well as state of the art new build houses. It is committed to building the foundations of an excellent business for the benefits of tenants and other customers.

They identified a need to upgrade its 6 year old network to meet the needs of the business and its continued growth. Sonia Raeburn, ICT Manager, Fife Housing Group, said:

“Our servers were running on Windows Server 2003 R2 and Microsoft support was coming to an end. As the business has grown in recent years, we’ve expanded our 32 bit servers to their limit to run new resource hungry applications. We needed to upgrade to avoid unplanned downtime and improve our end user experience by providing a powerful and efficient network, as well as minimising risk to the organisation.

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“The first stage of the project involved a full back up to software and IT specialist Castle Computer Services’ data centre. We then upgraded the infrastructure to a 64 bit Windows Server operating system, which ensures scalability to meet the needs of the business going forward.

“There was an immediate and significant improvement in the capacity of the network in terms of speed and performance. We now have the peace of mind that comes with a stable and secure environment that will carry us forward for the next four to five years and if one of our VMware hosts fail then we know that our application and network activity will be sustained.

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“We have enjoyed a successful working relationship with Castle for a number of years. Projects are carefully planned, managed and documented, giving us reassurance that we are in good hands. The project was delivered on time and on budget and managed in such a way that there was very little downtime, allowing us to provide an uninterrupted service to our tenants.”


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