Mitsubishi Electric transforms productivity and improves customer service

the lessons of earlyMitsubishi Electric has transformed the efficiency and productivity of its sales, marketing and customer service teams with Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Advanced ConsultCRM. The consolidation of client information within a single system and the ability to record all interactions with customers has been central to optimising service levels.

Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in the research, manufacturing and marketing of electrical and electronic equipment. The company operates from four locations in the United Kingdom and employs more than 450 staff.

Advanced ConsultCRM, part of Advanced Business Solutions, is positioned in the top five per cent of all Microsoft partners globally and specialises in helping organisations implement, integrate and optimise Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The CRM solution provides Mitsubishi’s sales team with complete visibility of customer accounts, enabling them to identify cross-selling opportunities. It also enables sales and marketing staff to assess the effectiveness of their activities.

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Jeff Whiting, Business Application Development Manager, Mitsubishi Electric comments: “The solution and service provided by Advanced ConsultCRM’s team has helped members of the sales team focus their attention on the activities that achieve the best results. Employees are empowered to carry out their own analysis and to make their own decisions. The CRM system has certainly improved their performance and their decision making is now based on better intelligence.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has substantially reduced the time it previously took to produce management reports using a previous CRM system alongside multiple spreadsheets.

“Some reporting in our customer services area was taking three days a month to compile. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it now takes just 20 seconds,” continues Whiting.

Mitsubishi Electric now has far greater visibility of order tracking information and as a result it can serve clients more efficiently. Reports are automated and instant, meaning that customer queries can be answered far more promptly.

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“Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM means we’re saving time because our people don’t have to chase around to answer customers’ questions, they just query the system and we get an immediate answer. We’re also eliminating mistakes because everything is logged and tracked, which means the information we provide is accurate,” concludes Whiting.

“Working with Advanced ConsultCRM is a great experience. They’ve always delivered what we’ve asked them to, and their support is absolutely first rate, giving us a solid foundation on which we can build our future business.”

Mitsubishi Electric also works closely with Advanced 365, a sister division of Advanced Business Solutions. In 2013 Mitsubishi Electric launched MELCloud, an application developed by Advanced 365 which enables facilities managers to control their air conditioning or heating remotely, from anywhere in the world, via internet enabled PCs, tablets and smartphones.

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