Payments faster and easier with construction software, has chosen to exhibit at itSHOWCASE as part of their launch program this Autumn 2016. Here is what they say about about their powerful construction software product…

Whether you’re a builder, a developer, a subcontractor or a consultant finally everyone on a construction project can easily and simply use the same system to process applications for payment securely over the web in the cloud via any device, in an instant. works by allowing contract parties to collaborate online on a neutral platform, eliminating the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations and email trails.

With, you set up contracts online and invite parties to join via email. Automated reminder emails are sent to submit applications for payment and payment notices. Conforming documentation is produced instantly and delivered by email – and that’s it!

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Data, documents and information can be shared between organisations in real-time, on any device so all parties have a single view of the status of the project.

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