Magden invest in leading service from JMC IT to accelerate growth plans

Access Group unveils cloud platformJMC IT has been awarded an annual contract to provide its leading 24/7 SupportCare Active System Monitoring Service and a new private cloud network to building products distributor Magden.

Having grown from a single-branch Manchester operation to four distribution centres supplying customers as far afield as Scotland and Gloucester, Magden now has ambitious plans to grow the business through several acquisitions. This meant selecting the right IT partner who could provide a service that could scale with the business was crucial.

Harry Cross, Magden Financial Director, explains: “JMC was recommended to us so we had a good feeling that they would be a company we could trust with our IT. We knew that our current system had been draining too much time and too many resources from the company, and so we requested that JMC conduct a health-check on our existing IT systems. The results of the health-check confirmed our fears and showed us the potential of what could be achieved by having a system in place that would actually work for our business.

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“We have already seen the benefits of introducing the SupportCare service and in September we’ll have a new network that can support our four remote branches as well as our growth plans. The JMC team has really put our minds at rest, modernised our support service and allowed us to focus on the growth of the business rather than IT issues – and the best part is, the new system will grow with us.”

David Gowler, Account Manager at JMC, says: “Businesses are reliant on their IT systems to operate and there is no excuse for companies to allow their systems to hinder their ability to grow. We’re delighted that Magden has felt confident enough in our services to come to us for additional support and services at such an early stage. Working with a business that has such impressive growth plans is an exciting opportunity that will allow them to see the difference we can make.

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“For us, a referral is the best way to begin a relationship. It’s great to have long-term clients that are confident enough in our team and services to recommend us as an IT support provider to other businesses and we look forward to building a long-term relationship with the Magden team.”

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