m-Power DX brings self-service data exploration to end users

Software developer mrc announces the release of the m-Power Data Explorer (DX)—a self-service, data exploration add-on to the m-Power Development Platform. m-Power is a web application development platform that businesses use across their organisations to create web applications such as report-writing, Business Intelligence, executive dashboards, e-commerce, customer portals, and mobile applications to name a few.

Designed for end users, m-Power DX simplifies data exploration. With a point-and-click interface, business users can create reports, data lookups, visualisations, pivot tables, and dashboards in minutes. Once created, users can share their results with others or save them for future use.

“Many companies aim for self-service analytics, but have trouble delivering true ‘self-service’,” says Tyler Wassell, mrc’s Director of Development. “Their end-user tools often require IT involvement, technical skills, or knowledge of the database structure. m-Power DX eliminates these requirements, and provides true self-service data exploration. With m-Power DX, companies can remove the reporting bottleneck and deliver self-service analytics to everyone in their organisation.”

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