London 18 times more overcrowded than UK average and needs to utilise space better, say experts

Statistics have been unearthed showing just how congested London really is.

BrennanSpace management software company, CloudBooking utilised data produced by the University of the West of England showing that with 4726 people per square km, London is more than 18 times more packed than the average figure of 257 people per sq km in the country. “It will be of little surprise to those who work or visit London regularly that these statistics show the capital is virtually at breaking point,” said Gerry Brennan, CEO of CloudBooking. “Despite being gridlocked, expensive and stressful, London is still one of the world’s great business cities; but few would deny that it can be a trying place to live and do business,” he added.

Mr Brennan said many companies now need to look at smarter ways to make working in the capital more productive. “Many business leaders are not looking at how they can make things better for the benefit of their business and their employees,” he said. “For example, they need to embrace technology like never before. The know-how is already here and can allow businesses to employ a more agile workforce – the younger employees (millennials), in particular are crying out to be happy and flexible, so allowing staff to work where they want whether that’s hot desking or remotely we as businesspeople need to accept that,” he added.

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He said bosses also need to be more efficient in how to use cutting edge technology to book meeting rooms, office desks, visitors and video conferencing.  “This kind of efficiency and flexibility in cities like London with millions passing through each day is crucial,” said Mr Brennan. He added that regional cities like Birmingham and Manchester in the UK will benefit as the world readjusts to the ever-changing landscape but London, New York, Paris etc, despite their problems will continue to be the go-to places for global corporations. If we are to create more space in our world cities, then we need to be innovative. Technology is increasingly being used to help solve the pain many facilities managers feel due to inefficient practices,” said Mr Brennan. “Those in power need to put this question to the top of their agendas. Facilities managers will respect them for doing so, and more importantly shareholders will be delighted when they see how it improves the bottom line.”

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