Manufacturer expands technology to performance management and analytics

Infor has announced that Kemin has successfully implemented Financial Performance Management and Industry Analytics components of Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) to complement its existing Infor M3 manufacturing operations and Infor MP2 enterprise asset management applications.

Kemin, a manufacturer of specialty ingredients for products consumed by both humans and animals, also plans to deploy Infor ION to enable connectivity between its Infor systems. This enhancement will enable Kemin to achieve unprecedented visibility into their business, proactively plan their business, and respond quickly to opportunities and risks in their operations.

Before upgrading with Infor, Kemin was using an outdated performance management solution, which was no longer supported by the vendor. By replacing it with Infor d/EPM, the company will now benefit from a best-of-breed, modern solution with interfaces accessible on mobile devices, desktops or laptops.

Infor was selected for its proven experience in process manufacturing, particularly the food and beverage business, and industry-specific functionality that’s built into the solutions. Kemin also viewed Infor ION as the most innovative, cost-effective approach to integrating their business solution suite. The flexible, scalable connectivity between Infor d/EPM, Infor M3 and Infor MP2 will help minimize support needs and reduce costs in the long-term.

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Infor d/EPM enables more efficient, real-time reporting and analysis to facilitate faster delivery of critical month-end and quarter-end reports. In-depth reporting targeting the unique needs of process manufacturing firms will also help the company meet financial consolidation requirements and more easily demonstrate adherence to government guidelines.

Kemin also plans to utilize Infor d/EPM to create more accurate, collaborative forecasts that will allow the company to have a unified view into business plans and ongoing performance. The solution will provide Kemin the ability to achieve a more coordinated corporate strategy and alignment around execution.

“We elected to implement Infor’s d/EPM application not just because we are an existing customer, but because we saw the true long-term value that could be derived from Infor ION,” said Dan Heiderscheit, Worldwide IT senior vice president, Kemin. “With an uninterrupted flow of information between our ERP, EAM and d/EPM solutions, our company will reduce departmental barriers to function as a more collaborative, efficient enterprise.”

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“Infor’s performance management offerings report against all operational systems and data sources to create holistic snapshots of business performance,” said Mike Edgett, Infor’s Industry and Solution Strategy director for Process Manufacturing. “When coupled with Infor ION, this type of functionality is critical to help process manufacturers like Kemin improve performance by streamlining planning, budgeting and forecasting.”

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