Kirkby Tyres treads new ground with Sapphire and SAP Business One partnership

Market leading Kirby Tyres offers a wide range of high quality tyres and wheels to the UK and Ireland. With over sixty years’ experience and knowledge in the tyre and wheel wholesale and distributing industry, they are best placed to offer local customer-focused market support and competitive prices through their online ordering platform.

To continue being the preferred choice of its customers, Kirby Tyres have been implementing cutting-edge technology to be able to offer the best possible customer service and improve company-wide processes. As part of their continual development, the tyre and wheel company went to market for a business management solution that could integrate their entire business into one central system.

Robin Walls, Finance Director and Company Secretary at Kirkby Tyres reflected on the main reasons for upgrading to a new solution: “Our previous systems were not giving us what we needed in terms of the reporting output or helping us take our online presence further. We were using a number of different systems and required an all-in-one package to bring everything together.”

As part of their selection process, the tyre and wheel company short-listed several solutions and providers, but opted for SAP Business One with Sapphire as it seemed the best fit for their company. “It ticked all the right boxes and offered a lot more than other products out there,” Robin commented. On why Kirkby Tyres partnered with Sapphire, the Finance Director / Company Secretary noted: “Sapphire is recognised as the leading partner in the UK, plus we were recommended to them by a supplier in our network that also has SAP Business One with Sapphire as their supporting provider.”

Now that Kirkby Tyres have set the wheels in motion with implementing SAP Business One, they will notice a host of benefits. The ERP solution consolidates all core business functions including, finance, inventory, sales, project management, and CRM. Its open architecture enables third party solutions to easily integrate, enabling ultimate flexibility. Together with SAP Business One, they have incorporated Netalogue’s B2B e-commerce platform which is designed specifically for wholesale and distributors. The functionality allows for more advanced global trading, personalised e-commerce store options, and facilitates 24-hour self-service so customers can view real-time invoices, statements and pay accounts online.

With both SAP Business One and Netalogue’s B2B e-commerce integration, Kirkby Tyres are on the right path to see significant improvements within their business. The ERP solution will enable real-time insights and visibility into customer patterns and financials, aim to increase profitability of the company and ultimately attract new long-term customers to the business.

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