K3 Syspro ERP Software – product roadmap revealed
Close up of businessperson touching icon of cloud computing concept

Close up of businessperson touching icon of cloud computing concept

Greater social integration, enhanced mobility options and enriched reporting functionality are coming to users of the SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, K3 Syspro revealed at its annual customer conference.

The event, entitled Art of the Possible, encouraged existing UK users of SYSPRO ERP Software, and businesses interested in the application, to think innovatively about how they use their core business critical application, highlighting the important role that technology will play during Industry 4.0. And just as Microsoft revealed its focus on cloud and mobile at last year’s Partner Conference, SYSPRO is following a similar theme.

The application, which is currently on version seven, will unveil even greater cloud and mobile functionality in future versions, with renewed business intelligence options and the latest HTML5 technology, resulting in an intelligent user interface that can adjust itself according to the needs of each individual user.

Andy Latham, Chief Technology Officer at K3 Business Technology Group took delegates through the journey of technological transformation in the manufacturing industry, from the first concept of having a central database to today’s smart factory, which leverages the Internet of Things to deliver even smarter customer service. All of this technology progression, he said, was down to people thinking about the art of possible.

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“The manufacturing industry is accelerating at rapid pace as new technologies are frequently being introduced. Manufacturing businesses are being pushed to improve efficiencies, operate more flexible business models and work smarter, and SYSPRO is as much at the heart of this today as it has been for the last 37 years. As industry matures, so too does SYSPRO in order for the application to remain at the heart of the intelligent manufacturing enterprise. The product’s growth journey is down to the SYSPRO community imagining the art of possible and working with us to make it happen.”

Throughout the event, SYSPRO users shared their own experiences of how they are innovating their use of SYSPRO to imagine the art of the possible. Among the customer success stories, the integration capabilities of SYSPRO, the ease at which it can be power tailored, and the way it joins up everything within a complex supply chain were most talked about.

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Garth Wilkinson, Operations Director at tin box and canister manufacturer William Say & Co is one such SYSPRO user who attended the event. He commented: “This has been really worthwhile for understanding the developments of the SYSPRO product and learning how our business can make the most of it.”

Cathie Hall, Managing Director at K3 Syspro added: “ERP Software has never been more relevant or important for the manufacturing industry as it undergoes the transformation to Industry 4.0. And those businesses that edge ahead of the competition and really spearhead the industry will be those that are continually thinking of new and innovative ways to utilise their business critical systems and working with businesses such as K3 Syspro to realise the art of the impossible in their supply chains.”

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