Introducing Anvizent, a purpose built Manufacturing Analytics solution

Throughout the history of business, people have used data to make more informed decisions. The mission at Anvizent is to make complex data simple, visible and to promote transparency. They provide an innovative platform for manufacturing businesses to harness the value of their business data with more real-time actionable insights. They enable their customers by making data available at the ‘finger-tips’ of everyone from top floor to shop floor, at the lowest possible cost.

Anvizent is a purpose built Manufacturing Analytics solution with a pre-developed Business Analytics solution, specifically designed for the manufacturing market. It enables manufacturing companies with a full suite of dashboards and KPIs and comes pre-integrated with 50+ ERP systems and many strategic partnerships, such as MS Dynamics, Epicor, KeyedIn and Priority ERP.

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If companies are not analysing their ERP data in combination with their CRM, MES and other manufacturing data, Anvizent claim they are missing a tremendous opportunity to unlock untapped opportunities across the business. This is because ERP data doesn’t always tell the full story. By combining ERP data with all other enterprise data to gain unprecedented insights into the business, Anvizent’s patent pending Data Warehousing technology aims to provide unified and truly self-service dashboards.

In other words, Anvizent claim to have automated the grunt work of data integration, preparation and centralisation, allowing companies to vvisualise, blend, merge, slice and dice data to get the answers they need, when they need them. Monitor sales performance, stay on top of customer problems, keep up with inventory levels, get alerts to production issues and more – all from a single platform.

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Anvizent are inviting companies to try their solution at no risk. They will set it up for a customer at no cost, allow them to use it for 30 days and pay for it only if the customer likes it. Visit them at itSHOWCASE at the Old Trafford Stadium on the 19th of September 2017.

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