Innovation improving design and construction

Construction company, Interserve will look at how innovation can improve major construction projects at this year’s Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival.

More than 160,000 new homes were built across England last year. That’s a lot of building work and a huge investment in construction right across the country.

The demand for new housing is huge and with it taking, on average, around six to eight months for a new house to be built then the waiting list of people looking to get on the housing ladder isn’t getting any shorter.

So what can be done? How do we solve this problem? Can advances in technology and the application of innovative thinking help improve the construction process and change the way we build houses forever.

Across the week Interserve will be delving into how modern technology like 3D printing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can improve build times, quality and also help the industry, and customers, save money.

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Chris Tyerman, Interserve Construction Infrastructure Managing Director said: “Interserve is working at the forefront of digital construction technology. We see this as a way to enhance construction quality, ensure we complete projects to plan, deliver real value to end users and drive efficient solutions across the sector and throughout facility lifecycles”

Walter Robertson, Wood Infrastructure Director said: “We are excited to be contributing our ideas and experience to the Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival. The theme of the design sprint aligns with a commitment to introduce more innovative asset management into the UK water sector. This will benefit businesses and regional communities”

NWG Asset investment manager Richard Seales said: “Construction and building new homes is big business and anything that can be done to improve build times and the processes involved would surely revolutionise the industry.

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“When we invest in construction projects – like building new reservoirs or pumping stations – we are always looking for new and innovative ways to do it. From revolutionary design ideas to sourcing and using environmentally friendly materials in the build. We are constantly trying new things and pushing the boundaries.

“I’m excited to see what comes out of this sprint and especially interested in how new tech like the VR and AR can be utilised on the building site, it’s a fascinating mix!”

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