Going digital in the COVID Era

As businesses reopen and adapt to the COVID era, increasing numbers of TC clients are seeking advice from us about improving their processes and working environments

As a result, we are now advising many clients on moving from paper-based workplaces to integrated digital systems. This from professional services company TC Group… 

Aside from the obvious ecological benefits, there are other significant reasons why you might consider implementing an integrated digital system: 

Health and safety

Studies suggest COVID can last anywhere from a few hours to up to five days on the surface of paper. Reduced use of paper in the office can significantly limit the potential for the spread of infection. 

Access to information & collaboration

Cloud Accounting software is a secure digital source to store and have access to financial documents, from anywhere. Digital documents can be stored, retrieved, indexed and searched for much faster than paper documents, and are easily shared with employees and advisors such as accountants, solicitors and banks. Online storage of documents also guards against threats of not being able to access the office (be it flood, fire or lockdown). 

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Expense claims & invoice processing

Phone apps and software allow the automatic capture of your data from photographs and emails. If orders or invoices need to be signed off by hand, an electronic approval process can help avoid paper being passed around the business. 

Bank statements

Accounting software with direct bank feeds is both efficient and paper-free. 

Reduced postage & printing costs

Going digital saves on postage and printing costs, and also speeds up communications.

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