Global automotive parts supplier fuels growth with £5m investment into new facility and technology

A Birmingham based automotive company has invested £5m in a new facility to service a major contract win to supply formed and fabricated fuel and cooling pipes for a major car manufacturer new diesel and petrol engines.

Manufacturers and suppliers Lander Automotive produces a range of products such as Coolant Pipes, Oil System Pipes, HVAC, Seat Structures and IP Beams. After winning a major new contract and reaching maximum capacity at their previous facility. Lander made the strategic decision to invest in a new plant to accommodate both the new contract and future growth plans.

Lander’s Finance and IT Manager Daniel Reily explains: “We are looking to increase our turnover from about £36m turnover to £50m by 2020. We are well on target to do that based on the work that we have already won with a global car manufacturer, we are also looking to build a relationship with another OEM on top of that.”

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The automotive parts company new plant uses the latest CNC and automation technology. Lander over the years also invested in WinMan Enterprise Resource Planning software, to create and maintain a lean and efficient production with minimal work in progress and have complete inventory control.

“The new plant needed to be able to produce and supply over 10 million engine parts per year, corresponding to thousands of different part numbers, within specific time slots. With the investment we made into the latest technology we are able to run processes such as MRP within WinMan immediate after an order is received and we can plan and schedule production based on the availability of materials.”

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The investment in the facility, CNC, ERP and automation technology has enabled Lander to build a flexible, lean and adaptable manufacturing environment. “We have a completely lean paperless system, with no paper floating around the factory – works orders, job tracking cards, drawings, pick lists, specifications and so on. It is all done within WinMan. WinMan controls everything that is coming in and going out, it provides us control, visibility and forecasting ability. Overall with all the changes and recent investment we are on track for our ambitious turnover goal” added Daniel.

Photo: Lander Automotive factory floor.

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