New BYOD security solution to support GDPR requirements

Every year over 500,000 personal mobile devices are stolen in the UK, many of which contain access to sensitive business data, which could be a breach of new GDPR regulations due in 2018. To support its clients Frontline Consultancy has launched a new mobile device management solution specifically aimed at companies who allow staff to bring and use their own devices for work along with corporate devices.

The new solution allows companies to actively manage all devices used by their staff members allowing them to safeguard data at all times as well as ensure GDPR compliance.

Caine Fearn, managing director at Frontline said; “We have launched our new mobile security solution because so many companies do not realise how vulnerable they are to data breaches by allowing staff to use unmonitored and unsecured devices. It is a common misconception that just because a mobile device is locked data is secure.”

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The new solution, which is fully supported and managed by the team at Frontline, gives the customer full visibility of all the devices attached to their network as well as the ability to reset access, lock, and in extreme circumstances wipe the data held on the device.

“Every business will have to consider the issues behind GDPR and having the ability to monitor and control mobile device access to data will be critical for compliance going forwards,” continued Caine.

Key benefits of using the solution from Frontline include remote security tools to manage data and access, the ability to push apps centrally and being able to enforce central policies, password rules and encryption. In addition, users gain significant reporting functionality across all mobile devices as well as aiding with GDPR compliance.

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