Former construction CFO launches software to tackle outdated industry methods and systems

Needless disputes and outdated methods and systemsNeedless disputes and outdated methods and systems in the construction industry are costing the economy billions every year. A platform for streamlining applications for payment on construction projects has recently been introduced to the UK.

Traditional, non-automated methods of managing applications for payment are a financial burden on the construction industry. The current application for payment process relies on differing manual systems that don’t talk to each other, making the process slow and disjointed, leading to inaccuracies, disputes and strains on business relationships. Suspicion and disputes are rife between parties in the construction industry thanks to archaic application for payment.

Until now there has been very little in the way of valuable and affordable solutions available specifically designed to tackle this ongoing problem., a new entrant to the UK construction market, is designed specifically for the global construction industry, helping users — contractors, subcontractors, stakeholders and consultants — to work on and administer applications for payment collaboratively, online, in the cloud, on any device.

According to the company, the software makes the currently difficult and out-dated process of submitting and approving applications for payment easier, while reducing contract administration management costs by up to 50%, saving time and improving risk control with regards to the Construction Act.

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First launched in Australia, enables contractors and sub-contractors to provide details about how much work has been completed and how much is to be paid, allowing payments to be on time reducing needless arguments and subcontractors walking off the job. Additionally, documents can be shared between organisations in real time so that users have a single view of the status of the project and are on the same page, reducing the need for spreadsheets, email trails and phone calls. Automated reminder emails are sent to submit applications for payment and payment notices, with documentation produced and delivered instantly by email. CEO Lincoln Easton said: “Payment practices in the construction sector are problematic and time consuming.  We believe our cloud-based platform helps to ease the pain.

“The take-up of our easy-to-use software among tier one contractors and sub-contractors in our home market of Australia has exceeded our internal expectations since we launched a little over a year ago. Clients are increasingly being drawn to the speed, accuracy and transparency, which offers.

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“With the UK market exposed to a similar set of challenges, we are confident we can replicate the success we are enjoying in Australia over here, and in the process help bring the traditional payments model into the digital age.”

To use the platform subcontractors pay a subscription of £30 a month, while main contractors will pay a licence fee based on the scale and complexity of the activities covered by the software.

Founded in 2011, is based in Melbourne, Australia. Tailor-made for the global construction industry, gets construction payments done in a flash with simple software that allows you to administer payment claims collaboratively, working on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. is not stopping there with offices recently opened in Singapore and London.


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