Exploring the sentiment of the UK construction industry

50-of-organisations-consider-socialLeading software solutions and services provider Causeway Technologies has teamed up with construction intelligence services specialist Barbour ABI to launch an industry-wide survey that explores the construction industry’s key issues, challenges and opportunities for 2017.

“The UK construction industry is currently facing considerable change in the coming years and needs to be well-prepared for what lies ahead,” explained Causeway’s Chief Marketing Officer Nick Barrow. “The purpose of the survey is to canvas opinion from all sectors of the industry and gauge the potential impact of a number of key challenges. These include labour shortages, currency fluctuations, rising materials costs, technological developments and the implications of Brexit,” he added.

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Over 80,000 industry professionals are being invited to take part in the 5-minute survey and all contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the report when it’s published.
“In-depth analysis of opinion from such a wide audience will enable us to develop definitive market intelligence and industry insight. This will then be shared with the entire industry to help us all be better prepared for what lies ahead,” Nick Barrow concluded.

Construction industry professionals wishing to take part in the survey can do so here:


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