Epicor announces new UK version of Epicor BisTrack

cutting edge wall sizedEpicor Software Corporation, a global leader inbusiness software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, has announced that it has released its latest version of the Epicor BisTrack enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for merchants, distributors and wholesalers in the UK. The new version includes time saving functionality, as announced at two recent customer events, including improvements to its pricing features.

“Customer feedback is of paramount importance to us,” said Gary Brookshaw, product director for Epicor Software in the UK. “We’ve listened to what our users want and in response created a really flexible pricing model. Early demonstrations of the model have proved hugely popular and indicate that we’ve successfully addressed our customers’ current and future business challenges. We’re really excited about it.”

The new style of pricing in BisTrack lets users create a more optimised selling price rule by allowing it to be linked to many customers, price profiles, customer groups, customer types, products, price groups or product groups. They can also be linked to many branches, divisions or regions. Users get a clearer picture of who gets what price, and to help with visibility and access, all the selling price rules for a product or customer can be accessed straight from the product or customer screens.

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In purchasing, controls of purchase order referral and approval have been tightened and debit notes can now be created straight from supplier returns. The BisTrack journey planner module has been streamlined and there are improvements to timber pack management. A faster way of raising ‘same as last time’ orders has also been introduced.

New features include a product image import tool that lets users take a folder of images and upload into the BisTrack product record. It matches file names to product records by code, barcode or manufacturer code and even resizes the images to thumbnails.

Merchants using the BisTrack eBusiness module will now be able to send order acknowledgements via EDI when incoming sales orders are completed.

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“Ridgeons is encouraged that Epicor is actively promoting and investing in the continual development of their business application solutions as well as improvements to their customer support services,” said BisTrack user, Jonathan Chard, who is group IT and process improvement manager for the Ridgeons Group, the biggest independent timber and builders merchant in the East of England. “What appear to be small application developments can make a big difference within our business. Among many new features, BisTrack 3.5 introduces the ability to edit data directly through custom smart views. Now we can introduce a new level of data management ability to key users and further enhance standard application functionality. The flexibility offered within BisTrack software is one of the key benefits which enable us to solve evolving business challenges.”

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