DORMA releases new Revit components

DORMA RELEASES NEW REVIT COMPONENTSDORMA, global partner for premium access solutions and services has further expanded their BIM Product Library with the addition of a new Revit object for their KTC-2 Flex Revolving door and BST Automatic Curved Sliding door.

DORMA KTC-2 Flex is a carousel style 2 wing revolving door incorporating either central automatic or manual sliding doors to provide a revolving door solution with high user control and flexibility for environmental control and traffic flow management.

Likewise, the DORMA BST automatic curved sliding door is highly customisable and can be either outward or inward opening, in full-circle 360° configurations to curved 180° half-circles– almost anything is possible, hence it was important to DORMA that the Revit component provided the user with the same degree of control and flexibility.

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To make use as hassle free as possible, DORMA has produced a single, user-friendly component for the KTC-2 Flex Revolving door and optional 180° and 360° BST Curved Automatic door types that are easily customised and configured by the user through selectable options according to the sizes available. There are also indicators within the component about the available sizes to further help the designer keep within the product guidelines.

All DORMA objects are free to download at and via, as part of DORMA’s commitment to enable better buildings.

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