Dorma launches revolving doors in BIM

DORMA, global partner for premium access solutions and services, has announced the addition of Revit objects for the KTV Revolving door range to their current BIM product Library.

The KTV revolving door range of objects are highly customisable and intelligent, allowing the designer to easily adapt KTV revolving door systems to specific site requirements. Choose between 3 or 4 wing doors, manual or automatic activation, canopy or glass roof, as well as a number of other features.

DORMA launched a range of BIM objects for their popular ranges of door closers and hardware, automatic doors, and manual glass door fittings last year. The addition of the KTV range of revolving door objects has further simplified the design and delivery of high performance building solutions for BIM users.

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David Gillies, Senior Specification Advisor and DORMA UK BIM Champion commented: “The creation of the revolving door BIM objects was a collaborative process where we strived to ensure that the models demonstrated the most accurate real-life scenarios for the designer, whilst allowing quick and hassle-free drop in of sophisticated revolving door systems into the building fabric, helping to deliver the best building results for designer and client.”

DORMA’s latest addition to its BIM offering cements their position as the first choice for access solutions in line with a continued commitment to enable better buildings. All DORMA objects are free to download at and via to make identifying the most suitable product for each project specification a simple and efficient process.

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