Document scanning expert highlights savings for a profitable start 2017

Office manager under information pressure

All businesses are looking to increase profit margins. But in such a competitive business world, that can be easier said than done. All too often businesses focus on increasing sales in order to grow profits, but Pearl Scan, one of the country’s pioneers of the paperless and paper light movement, has urged businesses to look inside their operations in order to ensure they are not wasting money where it counts.

The drive towards a paperless business world has long been championed by companies and individuals all over the world. The increased dependence on technology, along with the decline in rain forests, the detrimental effect paper consumption and waste has on the environment due to pollution, and the hours of manpower needed to produce paper has led many to move away from paper consumption. And as a result, businesses the world over have seen a reduction in their outgoings.

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Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, said: “It has always been important for businesses to make changes and embrace technology in order to reduce outgoings. But as the world has become more reliant on computers and technology, and paper has taken a backseat, business have started to see how much money is wasted on unnecessary paper consumption. And consequently, have gradually moved away from paper in the workplace.”

When looking at the cost of paper consumption in a business, it is not simply a case of just focussing on purchasing the paper, ink and equipment such as printers, but also the costs of disposing of it as many businesses pay companies hundreds of pounds to collect sensitive or confidential papers. It has also been proven that by operating a completely paperless environment – or even a paper light one – businesses can save thousands of pounds every single year by reducing the time workers spend looking for misplaced documents, as well as recreating accidentally destroyed ones. And this is not just true for large businesses and blue chip corporations. It has been said that the average UK small business owner spends 16 hours per week on paperwork, which equates to almost 50% of their time. Therefore, making the switch to digital allows businesses of all sizes to save money on these costly paper forms by allowing staff – at whatever level – to focus their time elsewhere. And this, in turn, saves businesses more money by allowing them to become increasingly more productive and efficient.

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Having undertaken both large and small projects in equal measure, Pearl Scan uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure scanning is carried out efficiently, effectively and with minimal disruption to a business.

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