Digital transformation: Why collaboration and new technology will revolutionise the sales lead industry

The construction industry, by its very nature of site-based working and fluidity, has historically lagged behind other industries when embracing new technology.

The UK government has pledged £250 million of funding to construction to support uptake and integration of technology. And with over 600,000 workers needing to be re-skilled by 2040 to ensure they are up to date with evolving technologies, it’s clear there is a huge way to go to embrace a true digital revolution within the industry.

With a heavily mobile workforce, complex supply chain and site-based labour at its core, shifting the culture of the industry to embrace digital is a tall order, and one which Lincolnshire-based firm, The Marketplace, is tackling through it’s bespoke, on-line, sales lead generation service.

Jason Kay, Co-Founder of The Marketplace, believes new technology, quick and easy access and a more ‘personal’ approach, will revolutionise the way in which the construction industry searches for tendering opportunities and sales leads in the future, he says:

“We know from our own trials with innovative systems and applications that technology can bring huge benefits to the way people search for tendering and contract opportunities. Accessing accurate and valid data, at the right time is a challenge every business faces, none more so than in the construction industry. We’ve had over 40 years in supply chain management and procurement and we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to SME’s ability to access new business.

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The Marketplace is based on our philosophy of know, like and trust – a collaborative approach which puts the ‘human’ element back into sales lead generation. We believe our digital offering and our more personal approach fits today’s need for a closer connection with the supply chain and opportunities to tender for work. After all, people buy from people!”

With constricting construction output, there has never been a better time to provide a unique service, especially for SMEs. Digital tools, such as The Marketplace system, offers quick and easy access to a time-strapped construction professional.

Gareth Alexander, Co-Founder of The Marketplace believes a more bespoke digital lead generation service gets you quickly to the sales leads which are right for you. He says:

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“We provide access to sales leads that are unadvertised, and really want to level the playing field when it comes to giving SMEs the chance to tender for projects in a timely manner. We often find that SMEs are frustrated by the lack of opportunities afforded to them, especially when dealing with established consortiums and relationships within the industry. Our database and fee structure gives SMEs more flexibility with no minimum contract, and no out of date information all delivered digitally.”

Unlike other industries, there is a huge inter dependency in construction; between architects, suppliers, contractors and workers, and it is the relationships between these groups, which ultimately decides who gets the job. Digital technology can make the transition between these relationships smooth and effortless.

Clients also benefit from personal weekly reports on tender activity and hot leads that are accurate and relevant to their business. For the price of a daily coffee, it gives them real value for money.

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