De Sangosse UK saves £240,000 with Exchequer system

The ad construct group to saveDe Sangosse UK, a subsidiary of Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of complex agricultural chemicals, has saved more than £240,000 by using Advanced Exchequer’s accounting system. These cost savings have been achieved as a result of streamlined processes and improvements to stock control, inventory management and management reporting.

De Sangosse is headquartered in France and operates 11 subsidiaries around the world including its office in the UK.  The company develops crop protection, plant nutrition and pest control chemicals and has an annual worldwide turnover of £238m. The UK division supplies the group’s products via a network of retailers and distributors and holds stock with a value of £3m in 12 warehouse locations.

Exchequer’s stock control functionality provides De Sangosse UK’s finance team with complete visibility of stock levels at all locations, facilitating accurate order fulfilment and production planning. The automation of core stock control processes alone has saved the company the equivalent of employing one member of staff per year since the system was implemented.

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Keith French, Financial Director, De Sangosse UK comments: “We work with high volumes of stock and need to supply warehouses with highly detailed consignment information. Exchequer enables us to produce reports which identify numbers of pallets, boxes and individual units. This is key to efficient and accurate warehouse picking and ensuring our customers receive correct orders as quickly as possible while minimising waste.

“Exchequer’s reporting functionality is invaluable to us. User defined fields enable us to drill-down into our financial data to analyse every aspect of the business. We can produce management reports in a matter of minutes and also import this information into Excel. The reports are used by the finance and management teams in the UK and are also shared with the senior management team at our head office in France.

“Producing the same reports manually would take us many hours. Automated report production  frees up our time to concentrate on more strategic activities such as budgeting, forecasting, cash flow analysis, consolidations and financial modelling.”

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De Sangosse UK’s accounts team rely on Exchequer to maintain the company’s general, sales and purchase ledgers to improve cash flow and use the system to raise all sales invoices. Automated processes enable the team to produce these efficiently and accurately, ensuring customers receive invoices as quickly as possible following a sale. Exchequer also allows the team to maintain up-to-date aged debtor records to keep track of overdue accounts and speed-up credit collection procedures.

“Exchequer makes life so much easier. I would recommend the solution to any other business, especially from a stock control and reporting perspective.  As an organisation Exchequer listen to their customers and incorporate feedback into their product development and this too is very valuable to us,” concludes French.

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